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Below are all of the available logos has on file in digitized format for embroidery. All logos are embroidered on the left chest of the item (unless it is a hat or accessory). To customize your item with a department name, see the individual item's order page under the "Personalize Your Item" section.

If you have a question regarding a logo or have a logo request,
please contact John Crittenden at 858.693.9020.

We recommend that if you order a dark colored item to use the all white version of the logo. If you are ordering a lighter colored item, we suggest going with the full color or all blue version. The black box below is not actually embroidered on the item, it simply represents a dark colored item.

*Please note thread color options are as follows:

1) Full Color - Logo will be Orange/Green/Blue, personalization will be in Blue thread.
2) All Blue - Both logo and personalization will be in Blue thread.
3) All White - Both logo and personalization will be in White thread.